[FAR-West] Will we have a Rosetta Stone PGS list this year?

Bill Isles bill at billandkateisles.com
Wed Aug 3 13:29:56 EDT 2011

Dear Dana,
The short answer is "Yes". However, I never refer to it as a Rosetta Stone,
just because that's a Registered Trademark of a language software company.
Also, that's not what it is. It's the PGS Schedule, not a tool for
understanding ancient texts (the original definition). Now, if we had a tool
for understanding ancient jokes...

The long answer is that it does, in fact, take a lot of work. Though we make
most of our living from music, I am a professional database developer and
still do some commercial work (in between tours).
For the international conference, I am compensated for my labors, using
comps, no cash. I understand that the regionals probably don't have the
flexibility to do that, so last year, I tried doing the schedules (even
though we couldn't attend) on a "donation" basis, plus an ad in the program
Only about five people gave donations, but they were greatly appreciated. I
understand that the conference is a volunteer-run event, but there are many
services that are paid for to make it happen. While I don't "expect" to get
paid, it makes it a lot easier for me to spend the time (about 40 hours) to
set up the webpage, field emails and calls from inquirers, import and check
their data, ask a handful to please read the instructions and do it again,
post the updated schedules to the site and then squeeze in the last couple
of hosts who "didn't know anything about it". I say all this with tongue
firmly in cheek. I love doing the job and, as hundreds have told me, the
HUGE benefit it is to those attending.
I won't start on it until September because I like to get submissions that
are as close to final as can be. We also won't start booking our PGS room
until then as well. We're busy recording a new album and planning our spring
2012 West Coast Tour (hint, hint). 
I look forward to seeing so many of our lovely friends in Eugene.

Bill Isles
Bill & Kate Isles
Duluth, MN
http://www.billandkateisles.com (No ads! Homepage Audio Player! Live
Performance Videos! Tour Schedule!)

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Subject: [FAR-West] Will we have a Rosetta Stone PGS list this year?
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Dear Bill Isles,

With just 2 1/2 months until the Fall conference, inquiring minds want to
know... Are you going to bless us with your PGS room/schedule list (the
Rosetta Stone) again? How about if you're asked very, very sweetly?


I'm keeping my fingers crossed. It is such a service for all of us.
Especially, as Julie Paris just reminded me, since the PGS schedules are no
longer being printed in the Program Book (at least, not last year). I know
it is a tremendous amount of work. You have such a detailed system for
collecting the schedules from the hosts, that I hope it alleviates some of
the stress and frustration.

In any case, the Rosetta Stone has been hugely appreciated. I hope you'll
consider doing it again this year.


Dana Charnofsky / Concerts In Harmony
Supporting Independent Music

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