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Bruce Hayden Folkmuse at thefolkmuse.com
Wed Nov 11 18:50:47 EST 2009

OK now we see AGE.

I have been working several festivals over the last couple of decades. In
recently years I have noticed more young artists and young people attending
these festivals. Not so much concerts though. 

Some of the young groups are damn good to say the least. Where are they
coming from?

Austin is on place they come from. Canada is another. And Berklee School of
music in Boston has a highly acclaimed Traditional music school with some
highly gifted students enrolled.

Applashop has some great educational programs, several collages now
throughout the US teach Folk and traditional music. 

Perhaps we are not seeing as much of it in the House Concert series or
Coffee shop but you are seeing it at the Festivals.

The California Bluegrass Association has a well established program for Kids
on Bluegrass that is quite popular. 

As one who is operating a music camp which Joe Craven is very much a part of
we are also seeing more youths. 

It is there and it is growing, perhaps not as much as some would like, but
it is happening.

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