[FAR-West] Major Producers, Kernels of truth and General mayhem

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I love that we can discuss all aspects of performance, business and preservation of folk music on this list, openly and honestly.   When a presenter opens up to speak about what works for them and what doesn't, I would think the ears of 500+ artists on this list would perk up. 
A question was asked honestly and answered honestly in a format for all to learn from - I don't see that as mean spirited at all. 
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As the one who first replied to Steve via this group with some observationsabout this "producer" I am wondering what was remotely mean spirited or"calling him out".
Steve Key never mentioned the name or website of the actual artist whosubmitted to him.  He only mentioned the site of the "major producer".
I went and reread my statements.  My only comments where factual statementsabout the materials on the producers website.
My comments to Steve about whether or not he was too hard on the artist(whose name has never been posted) was a reflection on the fact that Igenerally find Steve to be kind and considerate of those he deals with.  Ihave found that to be true of Steve even when I am the one he disagreeswith.
So if being honest and candid about what one sees as factual information isnot appropriate for this group, maybe I am wasting my time here.  Maybe weneed a FARWest or Folk Alliance group for presenters only so we can at leastshare real issues that really effect our abilities to present.  We have onefor house concert presenters only. 
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