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Bruce Hayden Folkmuse at thefolkmuse.com
Mon Jan 12 10:43:17 EST 2009

There are many people who come and go at the Folk Alliance. Some leave an
impression that cannot be forgotten. They embrace the community, its members
are important part of their extended family, yes a family. They are the ones
who invite you to their table at breakfast, a lunch or dinner. They want you
to join them as they make their way around the Folk Alliance, the community
which shares a common interest, the family.

You become  the aunt, the uncle, niece, nephew or adopted child. You have
been invited to the table to celebrate in the festival of life, music dance
and telling of tall and rich tales. Some have become special members of the
family with an unmistakable aura about them of love for this family made up
of diverse people from all walks of life.

Vic was one of the patriarchs of this extended family, community that we all
share. He will be missed. But Vic's spirit lives in all of us if we open
ourselves to what he represented.

Vic Heyman, rest quietly and peaceful, you have left each of us with a part
of you that will be remembered.

Bruce Hayden
6040 Cytisus Ct.
Garden Valley, Ca. 95633
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