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Caroline Aiken carolineaiken at gmail.com
Thu Jan 8 20:31:06 EST 2009

Vic is alive in me.
The musical community has benefitted and is better for having Vic Heyman's
presence and friendship.

Vic gave us a brilliant invention: the original and yearly ROSETTA STONE,
where everyone's showcases are listed in a graft for the weeks of the
conferences. A concept that only Vic could concoct. When it went digital on
line, it revolutionized the conference! The hours Vic spent on this was
endless/massive. A martyr? No. A music-loving saint.
Vic was a mentor, a father figure, a muse, a mediator. He stood with me
during an unfortunate label deal and he helped me recover in 1997
That's enough to put him in the Music Angel Hall of Fame!

Vic first came up to me at Falcon Ridge in 1996, and hugged and kissed me
with Reba in tow, who gave me just as many kisses and hugs. What a sweet
encounter to dissipate any fear. From that day, I felt like I had a bunker
at each festival, conference, venue, where ever Vic and Reba was, and there
was a civility, a calm, and an armed purpose that was palatable.

We'll have to create our own bunkers and be our own advocates, and our aim
and purpose will be strong, to make Vic and Reba proud.

THanks for sitting in the front row and for giving years of support and
counsel. Your smile said it all.

See you after the show, friend.


caroline aiken

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