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Wed Jan 7 17:21:14 EST 2009

Happy New Year everyone-Dear friends of mine Eric & Cheryl Behlmer run "The
Barn HouseConcerts" in Gilroy- It has been a regular stop on my schedule
every year.
They are awesome people who have been responsible for helping support my
community programs- and have graciously opened their home to me
and many of my friends-performers & listeners alike.
This is an except from Eric's email this morning- that I hope he doesn't
mind me sharing-

"This message is for Performers who have scheduled shows at the Barn in the
upcoming year.   As some of you are aware, we have received a letter from
the Santa Clara County stating that we are in violation of our properties
zoning.    Apparently someone has filed a written complaint about our

The County appears to be under the impression that these are public or
commercial events.   We have always considered the shows private events
comprised of friends gathered together to enjoy food, music and each others
company.   We have tried to ensure that Performers receive proper
compensation by asking guests for donations which all went to the
Performers.   Luckily we have outstanding guests who have contributed

I'm certain that whoever filed such a complaint has no idea about the
benefit to the community that these events have provided.    We have hired a
lawyer and are trying to see if we can contest this.   But since we are
faced with fines if we continue, we are left with no choice but to suspend
all future shows. "

I know there are many folks that are as gracious as Eric & Cheryl on this
very list, that have experienced similar "challenges" in opening your home
(or your barn) to host private events that you invite "friends" to that are
often kind enough to leave tips for other guests that are playing music that

I'd like to insure that Eric and Cheryl have all the resources and support
available  to get through this, and put music back in the air in Gilroy.

You can reach them at:
"Eric Behlmer" <ebehlmer at yahoo.com>

  email me off line if you have any questions,

Here's to
Health, Happiness, and music in our homes,


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