[FAR-West] NERFA conflict: Baaaad.

randall williams freedomrandall at yahoo.ie
Wed Oct 18 08:37:04 EDT 2006

There seem to be a good handful of folks who attend both NERFA and Far-West.
There are promoters that come from seriously far away, including a handful
of folks from the Northeast.
For lots of people, Folk Alliance regionals are the big contact with that
regional market. As a performer and as a company rep (Kyser) I would
absolutely hate to choose between Far-West and NERFA, because it would
seriously impact my entire year's routing.
At SWRFA, I landed a good bit of work in the South. I expect NERFA and
Far-West will yield the same in the respective regions. If for some reason I
had to choose NERFA or Far-West next year, it could mean significantly less
work in that region. I for sure wouldn't want to make venues, radio
promoters, or company reps choose. Or artists.
See everybody soon!
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