[FA Worldmusic] "From There to Hear"

David Barnard david_barnard at sympatico.ca
Fri Jun 9 17:27:46 EDT 2006

Thanks for gentle nudge, Derek. Brenna is a true pioneer.

One factual correction that9ll serve as an interesting historical footnote:
3From There To Hear2 was born out of another program called 3Bridges Over
Borders2 that broadcast on CKLN from 1984 to 1986 or early 87 (I can9t
recall exactly). It was conceived of and hosted by Peri Didaskakou; a world
music9 show before that terminology existed.

CKLN volunteer since 1982

On 6/9/06 9:56 AM, "derek andrews" <derekandrews at sympatico.ca> wrote:

> as i came out of the film "crossing the bridge / the sound of
> istanbul" last night i said to myself, shame there were only seven
> people in the theatre, this really should celebrate brenna's
> achievement.
> what a delight it was to open today's toronto star GTA section to see
> a massive john goddard story (with john's photo taken in istanbul) on
> brenna and her pioneering work.
> brenna was the first world music dj in toronto at ckln's "from there
> to hear" many years ago.  the show was picked up by now global
> village host jowi taylor but brenna (as the story tells) went on to
> istanbul to learn impeccable turkish and study the music culture of
> the region.  this has led to her being featured in the film as
> vocalist with baba zula and thracian clarinet playing gypsy salim
> sesler.
> crossing the bridge is not cinematically profound, but the
> documentary survey of the istanbul music scene is a terrific sample
> of contemporary, traditional and other cultural convergences.  and
> one remarkable canadian-turkish convergence...
> recommended.  i have no vested interest.
> (for readers in the greater toronto area the film is screening at the
> carlton cinema.)
> derek

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